Nicky was such fantastic support through our pregnancy and birth. She enabled us to make informed choices and better understand the medical team.
Having her with us in labour both helped myself and my partner. I would recommend Nicky if your looking for a wonderful birth experience with non intrusive support.
Thank you Nicky for being part of such an amazing moment in our lives xx


Client testimony.
At the birth, I think Nicky was as important for supporting me as for supporting my wife. As we wound up having a hospital birth, it was incredibly helpful to have someone I trusted and who supported our birth preferences and  to leave with my wife if I needed to speak to the midwives, get some water or a snack, or just have a five minute break. She also was with my wife for the first hour or so of labour while I got an hour of sleep.

But the most important role Nicky played for me was modelling how to support my wife. It took a little while for me to get used to the sounds, movements and the pattern of labour, and Nicky really modelled ways to encourage my partner while giving me reassurance that this was all normal. At the same time, Nicky never made it about herself, and was very happy to let me support my wife as much as I could, while making up for my weaknesses. I was very impressed with her ability to sense when and how we needed her, and support us without interfering. In the end, birth was a really positive experience for us and we came away feeling like a team who had just achieved something huge. Nicky facilitated that by giving me the courage and tools to be what my partner needed me to be. I’d recommend her to anyone.


Client testimony

Nicky met with us twice, once at our home to get to know each other and an opportunity to ask lots of questions. This was helpful for both of us, as this is our first baby so Nicky offered re-assurance and further ideas to prepare for labour.
Nicky also joined us for a partners yoga evening in our preparations.

We ended up having a water birth in hospital as my waters broke before my contractions started.
Nicky joined us at the hospital and bought along some items we had forgotten as requested on our phone call to Nicky when I went into labour.
Nicky supported me directly whenever, my husband needed to leave the room. Nicky held my hand and encouraged my hypnobirthing breathing and supported me greatly during the contractions.
Nicky also got some snacks and drinks when needed throughout my labour and supported my husband during the process too.

Nicky stayed with us through the 3rd stage labour, and then stayed with my husband and our baby while I was in theatre having stitches afterwards which was great to know he wasn’t on his own with our newborn if he needed any help.

Nicky has a very kind and caring nature and I felt very comfortable and supported with Nicky’s presence. She had great empathy and encouragement during labour. She was a great support and I would recommend Nicky to others.

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